Cara Riordan

Cara Riordan Master's Candidate (4+1)

Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey

Where did you go for undergrad and what did you major in?

I have attended the University of Illinois since I was a Freshman. I was able to take advantage of the 4+1 program here, and graduated with my Bachelors in Urban Planning in 2016, and I am now on course to graduate with my Masters in Urban Planning in 2017.

Why did you choose to attend DURP at UIUC?

I choose to attend UIUC for the amazing planning program. I knew how distinguished the program was here and wanted to take full advantage of every opportunity the department provides to the students. Being a smaller program, you get the attention and personal connections that comes with a smaller community, but also access to resources that only come from a nationally ranked research University.

What are your career ambitions?

I hope to use my undergrad focuses in statistics and environmental economics to plan for more equitable communities using financial analysis. I hope to work in economic and community development, experiencing both the private and public sides of planning throughout by career.

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