Temple Buell Hall

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning shares Temple Hoyne Buell Hall (TBH) with the Department of Landscape Architecture and the School of Architecture. The three units moved into Buell Hall after completion of construction in the fall of 1995.

Departmental, faculty and staff offices are in Temple Hoyne Buell Hall. The majority of urban planning classes are held in the following rooms in TBH:

Room 111A, located adjacent to the main office, is the Department's conference room. It seats 6-8 and is routinely used for small project meetings and dissertation preliminary and final examinations.

Room 19, located on the lower level of Temple Buell, is used for smaller classes (up to 20 students) and seminars.

Room 225 accommodates 40-45 students at tables organized in theater style. 225 is the primary room used for lectures and class presentations as well as guest seminars. It is equipped with a ceiling mounted LCD projector, screen, and speakers.

The room serves as a seminar and lecture room, and common location for workshop courses and group projects. It has a ceiling mounted projector for lectures and presentations.

Room 227 is equipped with 25 personal computers for student use, a bw laser printer, and a scanner. Students can also print to a variety of plotters and color printers in the print center run by the School of Architecture located on the lower level of the building. The lab tables and PCs are laid out in a manner that facilitates group work. Many UP classes have labs taught in 227 and students spend much time in the lab completing group projects and group homework. High-speed wireless networking is available to facilitate student use of personal laptops and devices.

DURP also has space in two other buildings on campus, Noble Hall and the Stock Pavilion. Noble Hall is located approximately 2 blocks west of TBH and currently houses research projects and phd student space. It is shared with the Landscape Architecture Department and the School of Art + Design. The Stock Pavilion, just to the southeast of TBH, also has shared space including Teaching Assistant Office Space and meeting space for Graduate Students.

The School of Architecture maintains a printing center in the lower level of TBH that DURP students can use. A variety of plotters, printers, and scanners are available.

Lockers are provided in Temple Buell Hall for DURP students' convenience.  

Most of Temple Buell Hall is served by high-speed wireless access to the campus network. Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture students often use the tables in the Atrium to set up their laptops, work on homework and projects, and check email. The Atrium serves as a common gathering place as well as a location for receptions and presentations.

The City Planning and Landscape Architecture Collection is now located in the Isaac Funk Family Library. CPLA is one of the most interdisciplinary collections in the Library, housing materials in the areas of land-use policy, environmental planning and law, waste management, low-cost community housing and community services, demographics, historic preservation, landscape design, ecology, third-world planning issues, local government, tourism, and many other facets of city planning and landscape architecture.

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