Planners Network at UIUC (PN)

Welcome to Planners Network UIUC, a professional network that is project-based, community-centered, and social justice-oriented.

A national association of progressive planners, Planners Network is comprised of professionals, students, academics, and activists engaged in physical, social, economic, and environmental planning in urban and rural areas. The UIUC PN Chapter is a non-hierarchical collective of students and faculty from an array of academic disciplines, with an established track record of local involvement.

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Engaging in your community is not easy, and many don't know where to start or how to navigate all the obstacles. We can help and support you in developing the network, passion, and skills to be the most effective community agent you can be. Come join a collective of working groups that, by building partnerships with community organizations, enable you to use planning to be an agent for progress in your community.

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