Computing & Technology

The main organization providing student computing services at the Urbana, Illinois campus is Technology Services. Email, campus computing labs, software, and campus directory are some of their services. AITS (Administractive Information Technology Services) provides administrative related services for the entire University of Illinois system. Course registration and grade management are among their services. Urban Planning and the other academic units in Temple Buell Hall (School of Architecture and Department of Landscape Architecture) also provide some computing services such as printing, file servers, and local computer labs. While figuring out who is providing a service is sometimes confusing, it is important to know so that you can get assistance when needed from the correct provider.

Incoming students should spend time on the Technology Services "Entering Campus" webpage, reading the information on getting your NetID and setting up your passwords as you must do this to access anything on campus. Another recommendation is the "New to Campus?" page which has links to a great deal of computing information.

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