Ken E. Salo

Lecturer in Urban and Regional Planning

LLB, LLM, University Western Cape, University Cape Town 1993, 1999

Room 314 Temple Buell Hall 611 Taft Drive
Champaign IL 61820

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 217.244.5377

Professor Salo teaches and conducts research in the areas of environmental justice, environmental racism, law and international environmental policy, global justice movements, international development and planning, and negotiation and conflict management.

Ongoing Research Projects

Environmental law and justice, international human rights, food security and water sovereignty, political ecology of resource conflicts, agrarian movements, sustainable agriculture, and legal cultures in postcolonial societies.

Selected Publications

Salo, K. 2007. “Contesting Liberal Legality: Informal Legal Cultures in Post-apartheid South Africa’s Privatizing Seafood Fishery.” African Studies Quarterly (September edition).

Salo, K. 2004. “Resurgent Local Legalities.” New Agricultural Network Newsletter Aug 11.

Salo, K. 2004. “Reinterpreting Organic as Alternate to Industrial Food.” Agro-Ecology Newsletter Volume 13, Number 3.

Clark, BM., Hauck, M., Harris JM., Salo, K. and E. Russell. 2002. “Identifying subsistence fishers, fishing areas, resource use and activities along the South African coast.” South African Journal of Marine Science 24:489-501.

Harris, JM, Sowman, M, Branch, GM., Clark, BM., Cockroft, AC., Coetzee.C., Dye, AH., Hauck, M., Johnston, A., Kati-Kati,L., Maseko, Z., Salo, K., Sauer, WHH., Siqwana-Ndulo, N and J. Beaumont. 2002. “The process of developing a management system for subsistence fisheries in South Africa: recognizing and formalizing a marginalized fishing sector in South Africa.” South African Journal of Marine Science 24:405-424.

Harris, J.M, Branch, G.M., Clark, B.M., Cockroft, A.C., Coetzee.C., Dye, A.H., Hauck, M., Johnston, A., Kati-Kati, L., Maeko, Z., Salo, K., Sauer, WHH., Siqwana-Ndulo, N. and Sowman, M. 2002. “Recommendations for the management of subsistence fisheries in South Africa.” South African Journal of Marine Science 24:503-523.

Awards and Recognitions

Teaching excellence award, UIUC (Incomplete List of Teachers Recognized as Excellent by Students). 2003, 2007.

Invited by the Cape High Court, South Africa, to submit amicus curiae notarized expert opinion on subsistence fishing in South Africa. 2004.

Elected to UNESCO-Africa program to promote environmental science in high schools. 1997.

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