DSUP Seminars

The Doctoral Students in Urban Planning (DSUP) seminar is an invaluable platform of intellectual development for PhD students in the Department of Urban & Regional Planning (DURP) and an effective medium in building a community of scholars. The seminars facilitate exchange of ideas and perspectives among DSUP members as well as the faculty. It serves as a support system for all members of DSUP, who are at different stages in their research and doctoral studies, and provides a shared space for students to present their research and to solicit critical, yet constructive, peer reviews and advice.

Recognizing the important role DSUP seminars play in the academic development of PhD students and in building a community of doctoral students, the Program requires participation in DSUP seminars for students in the first two years of their studies and highly recommends participation for years beyond that.

To meet this program requirement, 1st year students are required to attend 80 percent of DSUP seminars every semester and encouraged (but not required) to present in their first year in the program. In addition to the attendance requirement, 2nd year students are required to make at least one presentation in the academic year. Students in the 3rd, 4th and subsequent years of their doctoral studies are highly encouraged to attend the seminars when they maintain on-campus residence (do not have on-leave status for research/internship purposes). They are also encouraged to present once every year for at least two of the remaining years of their studies. If needed, these presentations can be delivered online. The director of the PhD program will be present in the seminar and when he/she is not available, a DSUP convener of the seminars can take attendance.

If a first or second year student experiences a time conflict—such as a conflict with a program-required class or a teaching assistantship responsibility—the said student can petition to postpone the seminar attendance requirement for that particular semester. That petition does not waive the requirement to attend DSUP seminars, but the petitioning student can fulfill the requirement by enrolling in four DSUP seminars before he/she graduates, rather than in the first two years in the PhD Program.

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