Probation Policy for Performance Below Minimum Requirement

Graduate students must make satisfactory progress in all aspects of their program in order to continue pursuing a doctoral degree in Regional Planning. Factors that Regional Planning PhD program uses to determine students satisfactory academic progress include, but are not limited to, performance on qualifying, preliminary, and other examinations; performance in course work; satisfactory and timely completion of all milestones; satisfactory progress in research; and overall graduate and/or program grade-point average (GPA). To determine satisfactory academic progress the Graduate College monitors overall graduate grade-point average (see Minimum GPA Requirements by Program). The degree program (PhD in Regional Planning), however, monitors all aspects of academic progress through an annual self-evaluation and review process. Completion of courses specifically required for the degree (Planning Theory and Research Design) with a grade b- (B minus) or above and an overall GPA of 3.0 or above are requirements for minimum performance by students enrolled in the Regional Planning PhD program. Students who need to take UP 501 as a prerequisite to UP 580 must comply with the Degree Program's minimum performance criteria of obtaining B minus or above in order to register for UP 580. Failing to meet these minimum performance expectations can result in the program recommending to the Graduate College that the student be placed on probation or dismissed from the program (see Graduate College Probation Policy).

Students placed under probation have one semester to improve their GPA. Independent study courses cannot be the basis for improved GPA during the student's probationary semester. Students who fail to earn the minimum grade for the required or a prerequisite to the required PhD courses in Planning Theory and Research Design might be able to retake those classes should their adviser be able to make a strong justification based on other factors pertinent to the program's determination of satisfactory academic progress. Based on a successful petition to the program committee, a student on probation might be granted permission to re-register in the required course. If so, the student's record will be updated with the most recent grade obtained for the course.

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