4+1 Admissions

Program Overview

The 4+1 program allows for accelerated completion of the MUP by students completing the BAUSP degree in the Department. The 4+1 program is highly selective, and each year, a limited number of outstanding BAUSP junionrs are identified and invited to apply to the program. While students can notify the BAUSP Director of their interest in the 4+1 program, the Department will independently review student academic records to identify eligible candidates for the program.

Admissions Process

In October, the BAUSP Director, in consultation with the Director of MUP Admissions, MUP Program Director, and other faculty, reviews each candidate's undergraduate record and extends offers of invitation for 4+1 participation to those who qualify. Invited students then provide a statement of purpose to the Director of MUP Admissions by December 15.

The statement of purpose (1,500 words maximum) should convey information about the student's background, personal experience, and motivation for pursuing a Master of Urban Planning degree at the University of Illinois. The best statements communicate an applicant's career aspirations, not simply his or her technical qualifications. The decision to grant entrance to the program is based on the undergraduate record, the statement of purpose, and evaluations by faculty in the department who have taught or worked with the student. Students will be notified by the Director of MUP Admissions by January of their junior year if they have been accepted into the 4+1 program. During the student's senior year, they will need to follow the normal MUP admissions process and submit an application.

Please see the 4+1 Program Overview for more details about the program.


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