Sergio Andres Contreras Pinto

Sergio Andres Contreras Pinto PhD Student

Hometown: Vicuna, Chile

Where did you go for undergrad and what did you major in?

BA Business Management, Universidad Catolica del Norte (UCN); MBA, Loyola Chicago University.

Research: My research interests focus on Regional Economics, in particular, microenterprises performance evaluation and policy implementation. I am also interested in the role of e-business as a tool for regional growth and inequality reduction. My passion for this topic comes from my previous work experience, where I was involved in the policy making process in Chile. There I realized that most of the policies enacted at that time were not as effective as expected. In addition to my research, I am a member of the I STEM initiative. This unit is responsible for the ongoing evaluation of a $121,000,000 National Science Foundation investment titled "Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)," Award number 1053575. Responsibilities include development of an on demand metrics dashboard to be used by program stakeholders-including NSF representatives.

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