Mohsen Fatemi

Mohsen Fatemi Master's Candidate

Hometown: Qom, Iran

Where did you go for undergrad and what did you major in?

I went to the Art University of Isfahan, Iran, for my Undergraduate and majored in architecture. Then, I pursued my studies as a graduate student of Architecture & Energy at the University of Tehran, Iran.

Why did you choose to attend DURP at UIUC?

I chose to attend UIUC because I felt from the experience of current and past students that the DURP program was thinking outside of the box. Too often we focus urban planning narrowly on facilitating growth and managing the outcomes. I appreciated that the faculty at UIUC were comprehensive and had a strong commitment to considering the social and environmental implications of whole cities and towns. A degree program that could provide the right combination of technical skills, as well as focus on social and sustainability planning, was an important criterion for me. I really appreciated the supportive and amicable faculty in the graduate school, which was ranked as the 8th best planning school in the US. The opportunity to take top-level courses from different departments was truly attractive. Moreover, offering all three degrees (BAUSP, MUP, PhD) provides the opportunity to learn more about planning at all levels for students like me who had little planning experience. The opportunity to live in a really beautiful and affordable city close to Chicago was really exciting for me. And finally, the department's offer to provide funding for graduate students made this choice much easier.

What are your career ambitions?

I I have three career goals for the future. First, I want to teach and research new ways of improving sustainability as a member of academia, which would lead me to pursue a doctorate degree and further explore the intersection of urban planning and sustainability, particularly concerning the roles social values play in energy consumption and climate change in metropolitan areas. Second, I want to plan for sustainability as a professional planner, for which I intend to work with multidisciplinary teams on larger-scaled urban projects in the public or private sectors. Third, I want to make an international movement toward public education for the sake of environmental protection, which I believe would be the most efficient way to confront the adverse impacts of human activities.

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