Manika Shrivastava

Manika Shrivastava Master's Candidate

Hometown: Bhopal, more recently Mumbai, India

Where did you go for undergrad and what did you major in?

I completed my under-graduate in Architecture from Vadodara Design Academy, India

Why did you choose to attend DURP at UIUC?

I chose UIUC for a variety of reasons, beginning with its status in the universities across America and the World. I liked that I can study in a University town with an interactive student population and cohesive student environment. The fact that the department is intimate in size comes as a perfect blend of being around like-minded people and still having the opportunity to seek opportunities outside my department in cross-section of subject areas. On the academic front, the courses offered are very applicable to the practice and in most classes we are exposed to doing something as an individual or a group similar to what we will do in profession. Being an international student I find opportunities to learn localized content hand in hand with the global issues most helpful.

What are your career ambitions?

Professionally, as an Urban Planner with an architecture background I want to work in transportation and land-use node of planning. I am fascinated by how these two things can be roped in together. My ambition is to work on urban issues related to future of cities in terms of solving transportation and land-use issues and using the palette of attained knowledge in resolving these urban anomalies.

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