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Endowments and funds established through the generosity of alumni, faculty and other donors contribute substantial operating support to the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, enabling us to attract high quality students, enrich our teaching and other activities, and maintain contact with alumni and friends. The financial support is especially important as state support as a percentage of the University of Illinois budget--and, by extension, our budget--continues to dwindle. Some of the endowments are dedicated to providing financial support to students, while others support connections with practitioners or specific fields of planning endeavor.

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The faculty and students of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning thank you for your support!

Urban and Regional Planning Centennial Scholars Fund

To keep planning strong at Illinois, please help support the Centennial Scholars Fund, created in honor of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning’s 100th Anniversary. As tuition increases at the University and family resources become more scarce, financial assistance and incentives are more important than ever to help insure that those students wanting the best education in planning can study in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Each year, select BAUP and MUP students will be designated Centennial Scholars with support from this fund helping them achieve their educational goals.

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Urban and Regional Planning Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a general fund supporting a wide variety of activities in the department, including student organizations, student travel to professional and academic conferences and events, faculty and student recruitment, alumni services and events, scholarly events, and many other endeavors. The Annual Fund is an essential source of operating support as it increasingly fills gaps created by declining State support for the University of Illinois.

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Andrew Mark Isserman Fellowship Fund

In memory of Professor Andy Isserman, the income from this endowment is used to provide a fellowship for a student studying for their Ph.D. in Regional Planning. This endowment enables the Department to attract and reward those students who show great promise in their scholarly endeavors.

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Lachlan F. and Mary Blair Endowment for Preservation Planning

In memory of Professor Lock Blair, the income from this endowment is used to support and enrich studies and instructional activities related to the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of heritage values in the built and natural environments.

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Clyde W. Forrest Planning Law Fund

In honor of Professor Clyde Forrest's tenure as a faculty member, this fund provides support for the Department's teaching offerings and community engagement in the area of planning law.

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Leonard F. Heumann Endowment for Social Equity Issues

In honor of Professor Len Heumann's tenure as a faculty member, the income from this endowment is used to support activities that promote planning to address the needs of the disadvantaged, especially for applications in the areas of housing, social planning and community development.

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Lewis D. and Susan C. Hopkins Fellowship Endowment

In honor of Professor Lew Hopkins' tenure as a faculty member, this endowment provides financial support to graduate students, enabling the Department to attract those students who are most able to benefit from and contribute to the Illinois planning experience.

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Louis B. Wetmore Endowment for Planning Practice

In memory of Professor Lou Wetmore, this endowment provides resources to bring planning practitioners to the Department to interact with students and faculty. A major initiative supported by funds from the Wetmore Endowment is the Wetmore Visiting Practitioners series.

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Michael A. Carroll Memorial Endowment

In memory of alumnus Michael Carroll (MUP 1968), the income from this fund provides an annual award and fellowship to a master's planning student who demonstrates a strong commitment to community development planning from a neighborhood and government perspective.

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Laird Starrick Memorial Endowment

In memory of alumnus Laird Starrick (BUP 1967, MUP 1972), the income from this fund provides financial support for graduate students who are preparing for a career in public service.

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