International Programs & Activities

Professional planners in the United States increasingly draw on planning expertise and experiences from around the world in their daily practice. Faculty in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning seek to understand and teach global best practices in land use and environmental planning, transportation planning, community development, economic development, sustainable design, and other subfields. Faculty are also actively researching planning issues in other countries, as well as the impact of globalization on U.S. and foreign cities and regions, populations, and governments and institutions. Finally, the Department seeks to offer a curriculum and study abroad opportunities appropriate for students interested specifically in taking positions overseas or working for many of the national and international development agencies and organizations (what has traditionally been described as "international planning" in many academic planning departments).

DURP's international programs reflect a strong belief that the understanding of international issues and planning practice in other countries should not be the exclusive focus of students seeking to work outside the U.S. or in international development. Rather, the increasing economic, social, political and institutional connections between countries and cities and regions across the globe require that even planners working purely domestically understand the implications of globalization for their own communities as well as appreciate the rich experiences from around the world that can inform local domestic practice.

DURP offers the Master of Urban Planning Transnational Planning Stream as a supplement to other MUP concentrations. Opportunities for studying aboard are available at the undergraduate level through the campus Study Abroad program. DURP offers graduate students the opportunity to study and research abroad through the NEURUS program. There are several short courses available during breaks and summer for both undergraduate and graduate credit.

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