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Are you ready to transfer to an exciting and fulfilling major and career?

Join us at the Department of Urban & Regional Planning!

The Urban & Regional Planning department prepares intellectually grounded students for careers in planning and planning-related fields. The Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies & Planning (BAUSP) program combines a variety of interests and prepares students for many fields, such as: government relations and policymaking, economic development and community organizing, transportation planning and land use, environmental/natural resources planning, housing, law, urban design, and many more!

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Apply to Urban Planning

Earn an Accredited Professional Degree

This professional degree is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. Undergraduates take courses in a variety of areas. You’ll explore modern analytical methods as well as social and natural sciences. You’ll learn about communities, communication, and even the humanities, because people and their interactions drive the need to plan.

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I chose Urban Planning at U of I because even though we are at a large university, the department is tight knit and welcoming. You truly get to work with professors at a one-on-one level, and collaborate with your classmates in and out of the classroom.
Ana Mendoza, Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies & Planning
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I am currently working at Kanbe's Markets - a non profit in Kansas City that works to create equitable food access in our neighborhoods that are designated as food deserts. My education at UIUC has helped me be a part of many meaningful conversations regarding the Kansas City urban core.
Elle Angelo, Alum (BAUSP, '22)
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Coming from the suburbs, I am frustrated with the unsustainable growth and generally inaccessible environment that comes with suburbia. So, I would like my work to focus on creating walkable, connected, and equitable communities where one does not need to drive.
Charley Rasmussen
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Want to build a more equitable and sustainable world?

Take a Course in Urban Planning!

Want to learn more about Urban Planning to see if it is the right program for you? Join us for one of our intro courses! These courses do not have any prerequisites and all fulfill a general education requirement.

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